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Regulation failed, so more regulation In the 1980s the notion of using the "right" of homeownership as a political carrot to... Full Story

Pausing to recall those who gave all What is Memorial Day? It's a day that we honor and celebrate our fallen... Full Story

Is that Groucho, Chico or Zeppo? Guy Marsh says that Obama isn't a Marxist. Chuck Slay says that Obama is a... Full Story

Dogs want an apology Democrats. Republicans. Two dogs fighting over a bone. They don't care about the welfare of the bone; they just... Full Story

Pulling the plug only call solution We are both retired and home most of the time. Some days our phone did... Full Story

Fundamental change must come to state Gov. Jerry Brown wants to raise our taxes again due to California's $16 billion deficit.... Full Story

Smith's AVTA role should be examined Thank you to Scott Pelka for writing the letter that I was thinking. I can't... Full Story

His Quran reading yields different view In response to today's headline in the Antelope Valley Press, "Scholars say Shariah law misunderstood,"... Full Story

Valley Press shows dogged determination Wonderful reporting on the Kimberly Shaw story. The reporters, (despite) the stonewalling from the government, were... Full Story

Pot meets kettle on loss I love how Congress has the gall to question JPMorgan's loss of $2 billion when they're... Full Story

Most doomed to years of poverty With $1 trillion deficits every year of his presidency and a national debt of $16... Full Story

Bush team training didn't go awfully well Mr. Warford, I also had a most rewarding night watching the D.C. power players... Full Story

Check's in the mail Why does our president waste time and our money flying out here, disrupting commuter traffic, to make... Full Story

Monitored parking not such a scary thing Parking meters are a matter of perception and semantics. With 5,300 parking spaces in the... Full Story

Tea Party members' sordid, pathetic lives A couple of years ago I wrote you about the scourge of the tea party.... Full Story


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