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Nobody has a real plan to combat dust I am a former member of the Fairmont Town Council. I have written... Full Story

Here's two officials who could be fired Attorney General Eric Holder claimed he had no knowledge of the secret examination of... Full Story

No crying in politics Benghazi cover-up, AP spying, IRS scandal. Three strikes - Obama, you're out. Darwin M. Ochs, Lancaster... Full Story

What is the difference in lying, being wrong? To say, "President Barack Obama lied and people died" is bassackwards. People died... Full Story

So who's really ahead in the war on terror? There is something seriously wrong with the thinking of the president of... Full Story

Getting mental health care might be harmful A letter from Brian Trent was published May 20 regarding mental health records turning... Full Story

Being frugal doesn't always mean 'cheap' Why do some consumers complain about Edison rates? My $30 monthly bill - most months... Full Story

Making his final flight from namesake field It was 55 years ago in July 1958 when construction of Fox Airfield began... Full Story

How much longer are we going to take this? How much longer are we going to play sugar daddy to Afghanistan? One... Full Story

Could tragedy have been averted in Acton? The recent shooting in Acton was a terrible tragedy. Here was a young man,... Full Story

People need to be honest about issue Before anyone rises in outrage to what I have written here, I dare them... Full Story

Teachers must seize control on day one Ken Tapola, excellent observation in "Teachers can't protect themselves from kids." In the case... Full Story

Stop putting those flag thingies in lawns With Memorial Day approaching, I would like to suggest to all those do-gooder patriots... Full Story

Construction sign needs new direction A week ago I was driving to the Lancaster Post Office heading north on 20th Street... Full Story

Breakfasts for kids in school is a union ploy Will someone please tell me how schools maintain discipline and reduce bullying... Full Story


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