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A heartfelt thanks and appreciation for you After retiring from the U.S. Air Force from Edwards AFB in 1977, my father... Full Story

Read the book and then go see the movie To Dennis Anderson: I read and enjoyed your April 5 article about... Full Story

At least the pizza is free after 30 minutes In response to letter, April 4: Mr. Sirota, what makes you believe... Full Story

Debate of creationism vs. evolution is silly I haven't written a letter to this institution in years, but I decided I... Full Story

Gaffe is a momentary lapse of reason, folks We nuked Yokohama? Must have been in response to the Japanese attack on... Full Story

Congratulations on a century of excellence Congratulations on 100 years of reporting both the tragedies and prosperity of all who call... Full Story

Analogy on state of our country was clear Mr. John Anderson: Regarding your April 1 letter, we would like to thank... Full Story

Comments on hospital are worthy of rebuttal In a recent letter, a former member of the Antelope Valley Healthcare District Board... Full Story

When did they start spelling city this way? Ever since the newspapers started printing details of that disturbed pilot who crashed... Full Story

Calling for death is not very Christian of them The Sodomite Suppression Act certainly has caused a stir. First, it is hard... Full Story

Time to get serious about our health care Health care professionals and local political leaders are all well aware that the... Full Story

Symptoms for Clinton 'fatigue' are contagious Recently published, "No sign of relief with 2016 race approaching," right on. Charles Krauthammer is the... Full Story

Playing a cruel joke on American public With April Fools' Day just around the corner, it appears that the meat, egg,... Full Story

Thank you for writing about our friendship I would like to thank Bill Warford for writing such a nice column about... Full Story

Sadness at the void his absence creates 'Letters to the editor: How you make history" (March 20) along with the news... Full Story


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