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Memorial Day reminds him of their sacrifices This Memorial Day morning, like many past, I posted my flag at sunrise. By... Full Story

Karl Marx accepted law of supply and demand Will Brown: "Very surprised to see socialist Guy Marsh repeat the big capitalist... Full Story

Corporate greed killed his former employer I was employed by DiCarlo Bakery, the French bread division of Wonder Bread, for 29... Full Story

Big difference between public, private business A common theme in modern civil service is that we should be more like private... Full Story

Feminism has changed itself into 'victimism' What has happened to the women in this country? Cynical cries of "sexism" whenever a... Full Story

Wrong priorities President Barack Obama wants to give billions of dollars to Iran while our military suffers. Alicia Avila, Lancaster... Full Story

Not surprising that government ups pay It's not surprising how easy it is for the powers that be to impose requirements... Full Story

Veteran thanks those who remember fallen As a veteran, I am thanking the many citizens who took time to honor our... Full Story

Water shortage will not be temporary The present water shortage is not temporary. With no California Aqueduct water available, Antelope Valley-East... Full Story

He doesn't want another Clinton I see a lot of articles and write-ins that we want no more Bushes... Full Story

High-speed rail just another Brown project Our governor, Jerry Brown, has decided to make his legacy a choo-choo train over and... Full Story

Slow down on Avenue L Quote from CHP Lt. Julian Irigoyen: "Speed limits exist for a reason." I am wondering if that... Full Story

We've been lucky no one has been killed Every day I cringe at the thought of watching parents and young children... Full Story

Homelessness fight must address causes Solutions to the homeless problem must include effectively addressing the primary causes of homelessness - mental... Full Story

Solar field approval a planning failure As a Monte Vista homeowner and opponent of the Bolthouse residential solar projects, I was... Full Story


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