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U.S. must protect Israel from enemies Israel is a small nation and has been fighting now for thousands of years to... Full Story

Don't throw rocks if you live in glass house On a TV program, Hillary Clinton said the GOP is the party... Full Story

Labor unions and political expenses I have repeatedly seen letters published indicating the writers feel unions are bad and they take... Full Story

A happy Veterans Day to all those who served Happy Veterans Day to all veterans around the world. What we have... Full Story

Will electricity rates rise with less use? Notice to solar customers - that our rate minimum will be $10 a month... Full Story

Somebody still taking water from hydrant When I read the article where California City said the solar farms were now buying... Full Story

College aid Hillary Clinton wants struggling taxpayers to bail out spend-happy universities that paid her $250,000 to speak. Judy Watson,... Full Story

Lowlife language sadly part of atmosphere Lowlife language is part of the current cultural atmosphere that leads to sex crimes, violence,... Full Story

No doubt about reason for cop killings With the drastic increase in cop killings around the country, it bothers me... Full Story

Where's the outrage about drug suppliers? The Mexican military is supposedly closing in on escaped drug king pin Chapo in the... Full Story

Blaming right wing doesn't halt shootings In the Oct. 28 letters section, Paul Avila went on an ad hominem attack against... Full Story

Please include all pertinent facts This is in response to a letter by Bill Pappas published Oct. 21. Mr. Pappas: At... Full Story

Grateful "Thank you to Rep. Kevin McCarthy and House Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy." Hillary Clinton Bill Pappas, Palmdale... Full Story

Entertainment offers training for violence I've gotten so I almost dread watching the news and reading the paper. The amount of... Full Story

Not surprised if Congress was bribed James Rock smacked the nail on the head. I agree 1,000% President Barack Obama has... Full Story


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