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Hard to muster much applause for president When President Barack Obama spoke at the American Legion Convention, our veterans, the most... Full Story

People also come to U.S. to flee hard lives I find it interesting that a person with a Latino name (Alicia... Full Story

Film industry could help boost our valley AVBizPro is trying to change the image of the Antelope Valley. We would like to... Full Story

A lot of good people are losing their jobs A lot of good people are losing jobs at Antelope Valley Hospital.... Full Story

Missed merchandising opportunity for team? In thinking about one of the issues of the day. I am still disgusted about the... Full Story

News that put him in a bad mood this week I had to gag on three of your stories in the... Full Story

You don't need a party favorite to go out, vote Why would any person suggest that we should not exercise our... Full Story

He's not smart enough to be the 'antichrist'? Mr. Sirota wrote on Sept. 11 that I called Obama the "antichrist" and... Full Story

Comparing apples to puppies is silly notion Vincent White, in his letter of Aug. 30, states that when I pointed out... Full Story

Why not more concern about West Nile virus? While the national and state media is fixed and fascinated on foreign affairs... Full Story

Suggestions for places to shop and relocate? I do most of my shopping at Costco. It does not provide any kind... Full Story

The NRA should not be blamed for tragedy Mr. Scioneaux, you are wrong. The NRA is not to blame for this... Full Story

Spend billions on our lack of moral character Over the years, there has been much government, as well as media attention,... Full Story

Now we're the ones funding the terrorists Wow, Barack Obama wants to arm and train the Syrian opposition. Awesome; we're going... Full Story

Can project meet the needs of Californians? The "Get on board with high-speed rail before train leaves station" viewpoint by Rich... Full Story


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