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I am a citizen who follows the law, votes Again, Mr. Harris continues with his reasoning for violating the rights of... Full Story

Sounds like they'll be working for peanuts BYD is coming to town to build buses. I noticed on the CalJOBS web... Full Story

Wonders will never cease in Washington President Barack Obama's announced shutdown of 20 or so U.S. consulates, allegedly in response to... Full Story

One party in charge brings whole city down Re: A letter in which Mr. Sly opined the "rabid right" would soon... Full Story

What if big business was behind corruption? The title of the editorial on Aug. 8 was "Big government corrupting charities." The editorial... Full Story

You can finance both prisons and education Governor Brown needs to give us a comparison of costs to build detention camps... Full Story

Patriotism is the last refuge for scoundrels Lucille Callaway sent in a letter in which she accuses me of not "being... Full Story

What passes for the American dream now I agree with most of what President Barack Obama says, but what Wall Street... Full Story

Election results not measured in colors 'Racially polarized voting is defined as the case when the choice of candidates preferred by... Full Story

NRA's self-defense data is mythical There have been several letters to the editor recently extolling the virtues of guns for self-defense. Full Story

Isn't it time to start building a consensus? Barack Obama is unable to create bipartisanship with the Republican party, who is... Full Story

Unions fell for trap hook, line and sinker First the unions started to wake up, including the IRS employees union, and... Full Story

Use the best parts of plans around the world On health care and numerous other rankings, the United States is seldom... Full Story

He had his own unique brush with indiscretion The highly publicized trial of the American soldier Bradley Manning, who leaked top-secret... Full Story

Football coaches can be tough on players After seeing a TV interview with Trayvon's football coach where no questions were asked... Full Story


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