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Libs should open minds I wish liberals would learn to love the Constitution, personal freedom, and self-reliance as much as they... Full Story

Preposterous remarks don't sway this reader In response to Bob Harris' letter of March 5 in the Great Suburban Newspaper: I... Full Story

Punchline ruined legitimate complaint John Paerels had me cheering for his letter about President Barack Obama's hypocrisy regarding criminal immigrants (just... Full Story

Snide comments not appreciated My daughter has been a Girl Scout for about 13 years. Girl Scouts start out as young... Full Story

Double standard based on gender Women using contraceptives are being referred to as sluts and prostitutes. Does that mean that their husbands... Full Story

A little harsh, and even absurd I thought Robert Harris' March 5 letter, accusing the GOP of being narrow-minded and bigoted... Full Story

Family's nursery was special place I read about the Transit Village in Friday's paper and was trying to picture exactly where... Full Story

Loose lips still can sink ships Leon Panetta said the Israelis would attack Iran's nuclear project sometime before June. Why did... Full Story

This is why you should stick with newspapers How much longer? Yes, how much longer will supposedly intelligent, educated people continue... Full Story

Republican mantras conflict each other 'Drill baby drill" is one of the two battle cries of the right-wing conservatives. Their other... Full Story

Burn the flag, go to boot camp Send every U.S. flag desecrator to a Navy SEALs or Marine boot camp. Without... Full Story

Do military cuts make us any safer? I have seen it reported a number of times that Barack Obama plans to... Full Story

Where's substation within new project? Just took note of the artist's rendering showing parts of Palmdale's proposed Transit Village. (Not surprisingly)... Full Story

Poor discernment in Houston tragedy Tragedy is defined as "a serious drama describing a conflict and having a sad end." Tragedy... Full Story

If the plan is to confuse the simple among us, the hubbub surrounding the Catholic stance on contraception could not... Full Story


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