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It may be taboo but it happens to be true My response to AV-LULAC President Xavier Flores' district elections Sept. 26... Full Story

I am contacting you on behalf of all past and future deceased motorists and their grieving families, who have met... Full Story

Deception, dishonesty and lies being served In promoting the "Unaffordable Care Act," President Barack Obama lied to us. It wasn't a... Full Story

Fed policy ineffective due to unemployment Paul Krugman claims that other people want the Fed to start tapering because 1) it... Full Story

Eating well can last for an entire month Looking through my calendar of national observances, it appears that October is turning... Full Story

Facing a painful loss of home and hearth I am about to lose my home of almost 28 years.... Full Story

Where does all of this health care money go? We all know that the price of health care keeps going up.... Full Story

Time to start with the Constitutional change Is anybody frustrated with the way that Washington is messing up the governance of... Full Story

Whose voting rights are they worried about? There are very disconcerting dramatics on display by candidates running for office in Palmdale.... Full Story

Plastic shopping bags waste oil, create trash I was quite amazed at how uninformed and ignorant Larry Vass appeared to be... Full Story

Why discriminate at all over birth tourists? Boy, talk about extreme racism and you are describing the public's anger about allowing... Full Story

Here is the major flaw in study on poverty The major flaw in the study by the Public Policy Institute and... Full Story

What was so special about Hillary anyway? I love how John Kerry accidentally accomplished more as Secretary of State in one... Full Story

So what does your America look like now? If we are patriotic Americans who celebrate our freedom, if we are patriotic... Full Story

Skip the flight and try driving the USA next A few years ago because of time constraints I had to fly... Full Story


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