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Brody's Section 8 stats prove program's value Well! Isn't that something? One hundred percent, all, in total, every single one, every... Full Story

HUD finally realizes inspectors helpful The report that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has dropped its investigation against... Full Story

Backpacks no longer just for younger set Accessory of convenience - backpacks, backpacks everywhere! I've noticed recently many, many adult males... Full Story

Have fun at beach, just don't do anything Summertime is the time for the ocean. The snow-white sand that warms your... Full Story

Give Dad a present he'll treasure for life This Father's Day, I want to remind everyone to give Dad the gift... Full Story

Best to cast ballot in correct manner The Precinct Ballot Reader is a marvelous polling place tool that checks ballots for... Full Story

Street cleaning not very effective I am glad the issue of Palmdale street cleaning came to print recently. I live in... Full Story

Diner says no thanks Of all the veggies Michelle O wants to force down my throat, Barack-li is the hardest... Full Story

An American-made American flag, please Today is Flag Day. I will proudly display my American flag, (made in China), in the... Full Story

Society regressing in horrible cacophony We are living in a retrogressing society. As an example, look at our choice in music.... Full Story

Lovely new museum a plus for Lancaster My son Steven and I took the time on opening Sunday to visit the... Full Story

Alas, no one cares about voter apathy Less than one-fourth of registered voters bothered to vote in this last election. This... Full Story

Tea party's anger justified, misdirected While I disagree with Edwin Womble's assertion that tea party supporters lead "sordid, pathetic lives," I... Full Story

City should ground spy planes for good Having read an article in the New Yorker Magazine on spy planes, I would... Full Story

Perhaps they're voting in Chicago? I just finished casting my ballot. While signing it I noticed that a person who is... Full Story


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