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He showed a real lack of leadership, class The news is, the Clippers' owner isn't as sterling as he presents himself.... Full Story

High-speed rail will transform state for ill The column ("High-speed rail will transform our state" by Michelle Boehm) has two things... Full Story

So, now things are starting to happen? Things to consider: So now someone is finally going to try... Full Story

Parker is many things, but she is no liberal In Kathleen Parker's column of April 30, she talks about rancher Cliven... Full Story

Writers don't glean meaning of 'communist' Over the last few years, writers have tossed the terms "communist," "traitor," and "un-American" about... Full Story

Don't want California to resemble red states I keep wondering if the real reason Republicans opposed the minimum wage increase nationally... Full Story

Fashion says bigger is better out back? After such a long siege in America of showing off breasts or butts, as... Full Story

Shop classes give our students earning power I was so pleased to see your editorial in favor of shop classes in... Full Story

Incompetence is allowed to continue What do you think of Eric Holder's attempt to ease prison terms? I believe Attorney General Eric... Full Story

Start treating all of us citizens equally, please First comes fear, then an unwavering determination not to become a victim. We... Full Story

Certain conditions must be met first In reference to Doug Clipperton - regarding Mojave Air and Space Port - I am... Full Story

Clearing up the myths around Pearl Harbor Letters contributors John Paerels and Dave Kutulis claim to be experts on the bombing... Full Story

This is all due to the governor's policies The loss of Toyota's headquarters in Southern California didn't seem to be of... Full Story

Representative let us down on Benghazi? The U.S. Representative for all of the Antelope Valley, working his way up to Chairman... Full Story

A problem that is very puzzling or confusing Webster's definition of "conundrum": 1) A riddle in which a fanciful question is... Full Story


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