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Corruption is not a metric judged by race Every time I read an opinion from Bill Pappas, he seems to be... Full Story

Let us know about the demonstrations We watched the demonstration of the people living in Murietta protesting the arrival of busloads... Full Story

Diatribes do not add to debate's discourse Most are aware of the Santayana quote regarding those who forget history being condemned... Full Story

Immediate action was called for in this crisis As a liberal Democrat, I have supported the president on most matters. However... Full Story

We don't want to make ourselves act like them Will Brown sent in a letter in which he said, "So, bleeding-heart... Full Story

Wyatt Earp was no poster boy for the law The worst mistakes made are the ones that we don't learn from,... Full Story

Flags still are very much under assault In the June 30 letters column, my newfound pen pal Lyle Talbot wrote a... Full Story

Not everything is great in the 'Lone Star' state In 2012, Gov. Rick Perry said about a third of the companies... Full Story

Not teaching this in schools is pure heresy Some folks have expressed umbrage at spending tax dollars on mentioning "creationism" in... Full Story

Headline grabber If it weren't for bad news - Obama wouldn't make any news. Judy Watson, Lancaster... Full Story

The cheese tastes best until a trap is sprung? All these illegals think they are going to get free everything in... Full Story

Supreme Court can subvert Constitution It is not Supreme Court decisions that matter; it's the American people accepting the nonconstitutional... Full Story

Term limits and law limits do show merit Jeff Jacoby's commentary on June 24 was very interesting. His idea that all... Full Story

Truth is now relative, without foundation Deporting children south is breaking up families and decried as inhumane, we are constantly informed.... Full Story

Fox News is the new Walter Cronkite Every fair-minded person should read and digest William P. Warford's column, "Blame game is... Full Story


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