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Freedom of expression trumps your opinions I read TV Hall's letter "Carrying the weight of persecution now" (Jan. 21), and he... Full Story

Will the trains stop here or stop there? Mayor Jim would probably be as excited about the high-speed train being scheduled... Full Story

We don't want our leaders chewing cud Thank goodness someone else was shocked by the sight of Obama chewing gum, with... Full Story

Follow trail of money from Army mess halls Dick Cheney and KBR wove Greed Enterprise into our socialist military. Mess halls... Full Story

Jindal's comments seem to add up fine? Since Bobby Jindal calls his party "the stupid party," he must be referring to... Full Story

Driving gets better when you use lights Valley Press headline on Jan. 27, "Traffic fatalities increase 20%" (in 2012). It could... Full Story

Wrestling quantum reality back into lives In response to the tongue-in-cheek letter that suggests that the solution to gun violence might... Full Story

Still haven't reached the 'acceptance' stage Overwhelming evidence has been uncovered that the 2012 presidential election was the result of illicit... Full Story

A sad and inexcusable fate for a U.S. soldier I just read the front page story, in the Jan. 28 edition... Full Story

No need to outsource anti-American news? My friend, former colleague and self-proclaimed "yellow dog" Democrat Horton Scioneaux, has criticized the "right-leaning"... Full Story

A few suggestions on reducing our spending Do you want to start reducing the cost of government? A few suggestions of... Full Story

We make laws even if they are a bit imperfect Adam Winkler, in "Gun Fight," argues against gun control laws because... Full Story

Already doing his part to help out the people I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thanks... Full Story

Make sure those plane tickets are one-way The Feds are pushing Governor Brown to release more prisoners and he is fighting... Full Story

Gun control laws are really aimed at people Recently, Lynde Williams wrote "we people of color need to rethink gun control... Full Story


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