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Is there room at Fisherman's Wharf? Since the city of San Francisco claims to be a sanctuary city, where are they... Full Story

This will all be over soon after he's gone In the past five years, we've learned to compromise our values. Many... Full Story

Let's talk about two things near and dear I am known for many things, but I would like to talk about... Full Story

Method of removal is not supposed to be war In response to Michael I.D. Mercy's letter June 9: You had me... Full Story

Good news for those San Francisco fans? What the heck is wrong with the Dodgers? If you check the won-loss record... Full Story

Important to give her credit when it is due I enjoyed reading the article by Julie Drake about Carissa Phelps ("Survivor... Full Story

To get anything done, the time to act is now Any news correspondents with their lives placed in jeopardy need transportation... Full Story

Can't lay down tracks without knowing route Amazing, isn't it? The high-speed rail system is ready to start construction, and they're... Full Story

Making us worry and fret over new fears? On this one-year anniversary of the Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA spying... Full Story

Why are we debating budget at last minute? Another year, and some would want you to believe that June 15 has... Full Story

Privileges should go only to the law-abiding Read your front page story by Claudia Lopez about the advocate group whining... Full Story

Today's youth could not make that sacrifice My neighbor Roy Stout, now deceased, was on the "cleanup" team after D-Day. He... Full Story

Better communication needed for both sides? Michelle Obama is campaigning for the return of the 300 (90% Christian) school girls kidnapped... Full Story

Things will not be any better after he's gone Dear Bill Pappas: You stated the other day in this paper; "Say... Full Story

Ukraine chooses a 'chocolate king' to lead Who do we play with now? In the Ukraine we pushed along democracy. We opposed... Full Story


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