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Coulter gets it right on immigration debate Kudos to Ann Coulter for her April 25th column, "The problem is also legal... Full Story

The question is what kind of country are we? The question is, in what sort of country do you want to... Full Story

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following letter is a response to letters published recently in the Valley Press. A report published by the... Full Story

Alec Baldwin stuck it out for eight years This is in response to an April 30 letter by Charley Williams. Why... Full Story

Whistleblowers need to be heard, not gagged 'Despicable, unconstitutional, ridiculous, immature, idiotic and mendacious." That's just how Tennessee newspapers characterized the... Full Story

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a response to Dr. David Vierra, AVUHSD superintendent, and his letter "Giving all students a leg... Full Story

True price of gasoline comes at a high cost The Antelope Valley Press editorial "Live in California? Feel your pain at... Full Story

Good service is not a lost art when dining Recently we dined at an Asian restaurant in Palmdale, which is pretty... Full Story

Not an isolated attack, nor will it be the last Every day, we are bombarded (pun intended) by the media, with... Full Story

Struggle over who can be a citizen in our land The sociopolitical struggle over who should and shouldn't be a citizen... Full Story

We haven't all gone mad, just some of us Re: "Sex offender freed; have we gone mad?" In a state where the... Full Story

Keep sending in your annual dues The meager increases to Social Security when the CPI is 5% or over does not... Full Story

Feeling like they don't belong in this land Tragedy occurred during the April 15 Boston Marathon (which has been staged since... Full Story

California cannot pay for high-speed trains In reading your latest article on the high-speed rail project, one cannot help but wonder... Full Story

It's all in the semantics President Barack Obama doesn't break campaign promises, he just "evolves." Curt Redecker, Lancaster... Full Story


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