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Affleck probably will focus on Oscar race So Ben Affleck says the race is over; Obama won. Hey Ben, no-one cares... Full Story

You can be a parrot, or perhaps a lorikeet The parrot hasn't always been a coveted household bird. Folktale has it... Full Story

Everything springs from this document Judy Knoob, you complained about two separate Americas; that American citizens and government employees and politicians... Full Story

Totalitarianism may be a generation away I read the review for "The Last Ounce of Courage," in Showcase. I decided to... Full Story

Determined to 'meat' plenty of feedback 2012 has not been a banner year for the meat industry. Extreme drought has doubled the... Full Story

One school district gets 'A' for effort If Antelope Valley residents would care to see the difference between a well-run, conscientious,... Full Story

AVC priorities starting to get a little physical To the Board of Trustees of Antelope Valley College: Stop your whining and... Full Story

Inept foreign policy is subject to debate Mitt Romney was well within his rights to criticize the Obama administration after the... Full Story

End of a space era leaves lasting memory Today marks the 45th anniversary of the ultimate air speed record flight. NACA... Full Story

Scurrilous media is splitting hairs by 47% You just gotta love the lamestream news, specifically ABC's Obama supporter, Diane Sawyer, and... Full Story

Lawmakers should stay off the menu The new laws making fast food outlets post calorie figures and banning 20 oz. drinks... Full Story

Putting employment and finances on record You have all undoubtedly heard Bill Clinton praising the qualifications and plans Barack Obama... Full Story

Syria may be reason no WMDs found in Iraq So Syria has a huge storage of weapons of mass destruction and... Full Story

Answer depends on who you ask Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Now that depends on... Full Story

Always something to do in our Valley In the past week, some of the events I attended included the Palmdale Woman's... Full Story


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