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Here are two for the road I have two theories: Idiocy has taken over much of the U.S., and Obama will... Full Story

To solve this problem, we need your solution I read the Aug. 9 "Viewpoint" column by Emmett Murrell, and it left... Full Story

Putting president's policies on the stand The Olympics have drawn to a close. The medal counts are posted. Our athletes garnered... Full Story

All cleared up on who's paying in Re: My letter dated Aug. 5, "Funds can't sustain those who pay in." Oops! Big... Full Story

Questions no one is asking right now There is something we are not considering or even discussing this election which deserves... Full Story

How is Obama failing? Let's count the ways I was watching the Olympics on Sunday night around a quarter to eight... Full Story

Skateboarders and pedestrians in sync? When I left Lancaster City Hall recently, I observed three skateboarders walking past on Cedar. Instead... Full Story

Time for some new blood in Congress In Lancaster a rate hike of $88 for thousands of homeowners' sewage tax bills... Full Story

Success or failure part of American life Hey, you there on the left. Yes, you bunch of progressive socialist Democrats. And... Full Story

Districts should offer teacher buyouts One way to overcome current budget woes faced by local school districts would be to offer... Full Story

What will China do to limit knife attacks? After reading "Chinese teen kills 9, wounds 4 in knife attack in China"... Full Story

Come out, come out whoever you are Perhaps the person who anonymously stated that Romney did not pay taxes... Full Story

Eating meat is a gift heaven-sent Re Mr. Womble's letter July 30. His quote from Genesis was correct. However, let's also... Full Story

Give disabled drivers a little more space These days you see handicap parking spaces with the blue "no parking" lines only... Full Story

Tarzan movies meant to push racist theme I am sure that many people will be surprised to find that in our... Full Story


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