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Licensing for illegals a nonsensical position Fed up with "nonsensical positions"? Well I guess that I'm one that fits into that... Full Story

Expect unending woes from second term Mr. President, there are 25 million people without work, the poverty level is now the... Full Story

First time that street cleaning is 'dubious'? Palmdale has turned the city's libraries over to a private company because it's cheaper... Full Story

Why do we need to have an inauguration? Don't get me wrong, I am a supporter of the president. I voted... Full Story

Giving credit to one superb legal analysis Michael I.D. Mercy's recent letter of Jan. 13 was a superb legal analysis that... Full Story

Fit to commit murder, not fit to stand trial? Just read that a California Superior Court Judge has ruled that an... Full Story

These rights are most certainly inalienable With regard to Edwin Womble's letter, earlier this week: It was so full of holes... Full Story

No more games when it comes to our money This is such a joke, nothing more than a dog and pony... Full Story

Giving thanks for new memories to treasure At our age, my husband and I treasure each day we have with our... Full Story

Captain Kirk is on the surface of the planet Last week William Shatner asked Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, via Twitter, whether... Full Story

These numbers are too big to make up To stop deficits, over $1 thousand billion in cuts and tax increases are... Full Story

Interdependent and proud of it in 2013 In response to Richard Brunson's letter on Dec. 27 - we all need help... Full Story

Disturbing truth with no clear-cut answers Edwin Womble's letter about gun control was interesting. A bullet travels at 3,200 miles per... Full Story

Think the GM auto bailout worked out? A few months ago a women wrote that she thought the bailout of General... Full Story

Difficult choices in wake of tragedy, ahead As was most people, I was deeply saddened and troubled by the brutal shootings... Full Story


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