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Stop signs with those flashing lights are good The stop signs with flashing lights are a great idea. When I was... Full Story

Give them a ride on the big green bus? Park those big, green ICE buses in front of the DMV... Full Story

If only I could go back and assault that island I was born early in 1944 and obviously never fought in... Full Story

Feeling slighted at my lack of 'entitlements' I have a great idea. Let's have a one-stop shop at the border so... Full Story

Chicken or the egg? Lori Dougherty uses Fox News misinformation to argue there is no Fox News misinformation (Letters, Feb.... Full Story

Stop picking on Israel for defending its people This is in response to those who want to blame Israel for everything... Full Story

Invasion of Iraq was legal and warranted I just read Guy Marsh's letter about Rich Lowry, Chris Kyle and the so-called... Full Story

Plenty of people gaming the system In Kay Ebeling's opinion letter (Feb. 7), she states that people who do not pay... Full Story

A sky filled with many rainbows and unicorns A recent letter writer wondered what color is the sky in fellow writer... Full Story

Standing in line and waiting is for chumps Let's face it: Americans, and Californians in particular, are chumps. Why would anyone wait... Full Story

When the money ran out, they found jobs? Those heartless Republicans stopped the extension of unemployment benefits in December 2013. Guess... Full Story

Parties believed much different things in past In the Letters From Readers from Feb. 3, Mr. (John) Anderson wrote about "the... Full Story

Doctor offers up very misguided diagnosis I had the delightful opportunity to speak, and take a picture, with Dr. Ben Carson... Full Story

America is being torn apart right before us America, as we know it, is being ripped apart by President Barack Obama... Full Story

If you can't stand the heat, skip the movie? A campaign called "50 Dollars Not 50 Shades" is asking people to... Full Story


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