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EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the high volume of letters we received on election issues this cycle, we are running the... Full Story

25 years ago, they all tore down that wall Nov. 9 will mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the... Full Story

We voted for people who voted for the ACA Switzerland voters "rejected" a proposal to convert their country's private-sector health insurance... Full Story

Closing train station is huge inconvenience As a result of the Northridge earthquake and the many freeway bridge failures, our city... Full Story

Know who to blame "Ebola Czar" is the new scapegoat to blame when things go wrong. Judy Watson, Lancaster... Full Story

Observations offered on state of the world Some more observations: People who sacrifice to work with Doctors Without... Full Story

New parks tax is not worth our support Proposition P is on the Nov. 5 election ballot because bureaucrats in the... Full Story

Keeping an open mind about religious debate Although I am a Christian, I would consider voting for a political candidate who... Full Story

Religious preference doesn't sway choice Whose God - my God, your God, their God? It doesn't matter - as long as... Full Story

Resignations move swiftly in Washington Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State resigns after the Benghazi scandal. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary... Full Story

Not allowed to talk on white people's behalf After reading Mr. Marsh's letter on Oct. 18, "GOP behind voter ID laws."... Full Story

Here is a little touch of valley family history 'Rollye Galbraith was Valley's CHP pioneer," AV Press, Sept. 26. It... Full Story

Strong reasons for his criticisms of the GOP Isaac Barcelona states in the paper that he feels slightest because I stated... Full Story

Why are we rewarding district for sick kids? The parent of every child in the Palmdale School District should be outraged... Full Story

A reader's analysis on Proposition 45's merits Unfortunately for those of us who rely on fair and balanced editorial presentations, your... Full Story


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