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Once it was cool to make fun of faith Art Sirota reminds me of my own young adulthood. As an undergraduate... Full Story

School scores blamed on Common Core The state student achievement testing results reported in the Antelope Valley Press are shameful. The... Full Story

U.S. is doing pretty good under Obama With regards to Pamela Lents' letter printed Aug. 28 in which she says "America... Full Story

'Ripple of Hope' endures after death Today Zulu, my old friend, crossed over to be with his ancestors. Yes, he was... Full Story

Fighting election lawsuit a waste What was the total cost to defend the city and the cost of the lawsuit to... Full Story

Brewery as sustainable development in city In a recent letter to the editor, Jack Csizmar states the city of Lancaster is... Full Story

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following two letters were misprinted on Monday's Opinion pages. Education better for population control Art Sirota's letter touched on... Full Story

More rail rhyme The trains in Spain run mainly as a revenue drain. Ken Benefiel, Palmdale... Full Story

Beer brewing in a water shortage? The city of Lancaster is contemplating permission for a business to construct a brewery on... Full Story

What has Republican Party done lately? Sixty years ago, Ike produced the freeway system we enjoy to this day. Other than that,... Full Story

Planned Parenthood, Monsanto targeted I have two questions ... for now. Why has Planned Parenthood not been shut down after those... Full Story

Treat 'anchor babies' like auto insurance We should treat this "anchor baby" problem like the law and insurance companies treat... Full Story

On population control, Art's right on this time In the Sept. 2 letters from readers, Art Sirota opined that basically the... Full Story

Substitute teachers important to schools As a former substitute teacher, from one-day to long-term, I have had many different experiences. I... Full Story

Minimum-wage denouncers favor rich Recently, Jim Gardner wrote a letter against increasing the minimum wage, saying that "fast food jobs, clerking... Full Story


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